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Punctuation 2 is go.

We are pleased to announce that memberships to Punctuation 2 are now on sale! We wanted to answer a few key questions in this blog post, both for people who attended Punctuation 1 and people who are new to this series of conventions.

Convinced by this post? Join Punctuation 2 today! (This link will take you to our page at, this is expected behaviour.)

When is it?

18–20 June 2021 (the last weekend before lockdown eases in the UK).

How much does it cost?

Attending membership is £5. If you feel you can’t afford that, choose the free membership rate. If you want to pay more to support Punctuation, choose the £10 membership rate. All the memberships are exactly the same in all other respects.

What platforms will you be using?

We’ll be using a mixture of Discord and Zoom, like we did at Punctuation 1, but we’re considering varying some of the format with regards to how we deliver programme items. If you would like to tell us about how you attend online events to help us make this decision, please fill in our non-binding advisory referendum.

How can I volunteer to be involved?

If you’re keen to get involved with Punctuation 2, we’re keen to hear from you. Please fill in our programme and volunteer survey and let us know how you’d like to help, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Who’s running the convention?

You mean, except for the myriad of volunteers who are going to click the link in the previous paragraph?

Punctuation 1 was headed by Liz Batty, John Coxon, Steve Davies, and Alison Scott, but for Punctuation 2 we’re adding some people to our illustrious team! Well-known to fans of OctothorpeClaire Brialey (of Croydon) joins the team and bring a lot of expertise and “doing things in the right order”. James Shields is handling our con registration system this time around, which will be much smoother than the one for Punctuation 1. We are very grateful to all of them for joining the team.

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