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A navy hoodie showing the Punctuation 2 key art, which has a nine-panel Zoom window with various fantastic or science fictional creatures. From left to right, top to bottom: an alien with colourful beard tentacles waving; a magician sitting too close to the camera so you can't see below their pink tinted spectacles, but you can see the entirety of their very colourful hat; a shark holding a martini glass against a tropical horizon with palm trees; a bear in a spacesuit floating near a planet and a moon with an air hose going off-screen; a mermaid with shells in her green hair, obscured by an orange octopus; seven furry Tribble-like creatures with three eyes each squished into the frame; something that looks like a cross between an elephant's trunk and a lizard's tail holding a mug with a red circle with an X in it; an orange cat grooming on a laptop keyboard; and a knight with a moustache who appears to have just put an arrow head through a scaly creature occluding his face in the frame.

We have started selling some merchandise, and if you hurry you might be able to get it before the convention! Click the following links to acquire all manner of excellent apparel featuring designs by Sue Mason and designed by the folks over at Stow Shirts.

(Please note that some items are shipped from the USA and so may incur large shipping costs and/or customs charges; unfortunately, we have no control over this. If you’re interested in a not-quite-a-pint glass, the Zazzle one will be cheaper from that perspective.)

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