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What do I need to attend the convention?

You will need:

Do I need to do anything before the weekend?

You need to join our Discord! We want to get as many people online and comfy with the technology before the convention starts in earnest.

We’ll also be running some items over the weekend that will require some preparation; these are not yet finalised but include…

  • Beer for the beer tasting, when we announce the menu
  • Breakfast plans for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings

How do I join your Discord?

When you join, you should receive an email that has a link to the Discord in it. If you’re already a Discord user you can just click that, but if you need to create an account you may want Alison Scott to walk you through it:

What if I find the Discord too busy?

Any new social space is daunting when you join it—we all remember how lost we felt at our first fannish event!—but you can manage channels and categories to eliminate the things that don’t interest you while focusing on the things that do.

When looking at categories or channels, right-clicking on those brings up an option called “Mute Category” or “Mute Channel”. If there is a channel or category you don’t care about, you can mute it permanently and never need to think about it again. If people are having a conversation that doesn’t interest you, you can also mute for a limited amount of time.

Discord has a beginner’s guide that breaks down how servers are structured, so if you’re finding the idea of the channels tricky then check that out. They also have a guide to setting up your notifications.

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