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Preparing for the convention.

We are running some programme items at Punctuation which will require some forward thinking from members, and this post is to let you start getting your ducks in a row.

There are multiple things happening next weekend which require you to eat and drink, and some which involve culture. If you are interested in any of the following, remember to order or plan to obtain the various components necessary.


  • The Dawnhounds: if you’re interested in participating in a book group about this, read the book in advance; it won the Sir Julius Vogel Award so CoNZealand members may already have a copy.


  • Beer tasting: you want to get something local, something Belgian, something dark, and something connected to SFF or fandom.
  • Vauxhall: bring something…strange. (And alcoholic.)
  • Wine tasting: bring some wine!


  • Cheese tasting: click here to read about the cheese tasting format.
  • Breakfast: on Saturday at 10am we’ll be having breakfast together! Bring breakfast, and argue about mushrooms.
  • Elevenses: on Sunday at 11am we’ll be having a spot of elevenses.
  • Takeout: on Sunday night during the dead dog, bring assorted takeaways and show them off in the virtual feast!

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